Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bangalore to Bhubaneshwar-Prashanti Express

I am on my way to my hometown, Bhubaneswar. Boarded in Prashanti Express, I find it awkward to realise that I am all by myself. I had not prepared myself in mind for the trip back home all so sudden. It was like switching myself on to off in a split second. Till today morning, I was involved and busy with my stuff. And suddenly, I am in this train looking forward to a thirty hour journey with all the time in this world for me. I am not used to this privilege. The privilege of having so much of idle time at my disposal. I realise how much have i cluttered my life with so many 'important' things, that when I actually get some time free, I find it so unwieldy to accept. I suddenly feel happy, relaxed, looking at the passing fields and meadows, realising that this stretch of time is so precious. It is so refreshing to have so much time to yourself doing nothing and enjoying this nothingness.
I found myself keenly observing the absurdities, which otherwise in my regular hurried life I don't. The agility with which the idli wada wala, is dispensing the orders for the swarming numbers of hands extended around him at one of the stations, the nimbleness of his fingers working on automatic pilot while giving away the change, all was so engrossing. The woman in rags with her baby hung around on one side trying her best to make the most from the group of youngsters with her theatrics, only to be chased away by them. I have always failed to understand the phrase, God lives in the details. But, now I think i was beginning to understand. [I felt one can be more productive when one is idle. Your imaginations attains heights. Your mind expands to newer levels and then never returns to its original shape.]- I am going off track here ;)
The next best thing that such a long free time gives you is to catch up with all the reading that you otherwise struggle to pursue with your regular life. I had loaded myself with my stuff. Enough of it. I was sipping them like wine and enjoying the view, wind kissing my cheeks. This was picture perfect. Idyllic. 'Life is all about this', I heard myself speak.
I have travelled on rails many a times before, but fell in love for the first time now. From now on, I would plan my visits, on train atleast one way.


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GEETHA Tuesday, August 09, 2011 6:06:00 AM  

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