Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am tagged as well...

It feels sad that i took to reading very late in life. But then its better late than never. I just have to pick up some speed reading habits and then I WILL BE THERE... :)
I bumped into sonika's Blog and saw this tag. Liked the concept and tagged myself too...
There we go..

Number of books owned: 20+ (hmm.. good for some1 who's just started..Sonika will soon have some competition)

Last book I read: Animal Farm (Humbly admit...)

Last book(s) I bought: Alvin Toeflers (3 books), Papilion, and The Mind Gym, Fountainhead, Shantaram, Memoirs of Geisha,Maximum City ..

Five books that mean a lot to me: Only a handfull...

1. Doctors (considering i am a slow reader, my mood fluctuated with highs and lows with the drama till i finished...feel like rereading it ,,,but cant afford..don hv time.. :()
2. Da Vinci Code (sound cliched. Read this 1 and 1/2 yrs ago...one gripping story that challenged the foundation of Christianity)
3. City of Joy (Touched my heart...If there's an aota of change that you see in me thats becoz of this book)

For 4 and 5 i just cant fill it coz i donr think any other book meant a lot. But watch out for the space, I will soon add something the moment it appeals me. Papilion might just make an entry.

Now anyone who liked this concept can tag it on his own blog... :)


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