Monday, February 26, 2007

The Wi-Fi pleasure

Well its only been a couple of days since I surfed net in a wifi zone for the first time. (yes, i am an antiquated beast..slow to catch up on technologies, one of my juniors in college scoffed when she heard this..i m trying to catch up my own pace though :( ). well coming back... i got a lappie from my company and as soon as i switched it on, the system automatically detected the wireless network in the building. And voila I just had to type the URL to get started. I was excited with this prospect... My first tryst with 802.11 network. (Why do IEEEs always have such cryptic names for identifying standards. Wifi sounds so cool). But my comp would turn dumb as soon as I step out of my office. So the first few after office evenings at my service apartment were boring with my lappie. It feels crippled when your computer isnt connected. Today while returning from office, I asked my cab driver to drop me at an eating joint well ahead of my place. After grabbing a bite, while walking my way back, I saw a big and impressive looking residential complex called "Diamond District". I decided to sneak in to the vicinity and gingerly planted myself on a bench in the park inside. After a while observing the kids play, I took my lappie out to check a few offline pages, when I almost jumped with a shriek. My lappie had detected a wifi network in the park. I got visibly excited. For the next one hour I happily kept surfing idly under the open sky and in the free green space with kids playing around. Bliss..., that was what i felt. Well i know many of you must have already worked in wifi before. But for me surfing under the open sky in the sprawling garden in front of me was the first experience worth cherishing.

There are many such pockets, i heard from my colleagues, that are wifi enabled. And in a couple of years they intend to network the whole city under it. A very ambitious project indeed. But will it be free. Need to follow this story up! :)


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