Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heard about Blogger's Block?

Just the next day after reading Anjana's blog on Blogger's block, I was hit with another idea, a phenomenon that is in stark contrast of what she mentioned. She talked about the syndrome when mind takes a vacation sometimes. I was thinking about the opposite, where your mind is deluged with ideas.

You start writing on a theme and then another one disturbs you. You find this idea more compelling. You start writing on this new idea. Then another connected idea hits you. And suddenly you are crushed in an avalanche of ideas. At last, you end up writing a lot but you havent completed any. I say with some heart wrenching personal experiences. I have numerous unfinished drafts either ensconsed in drawers of my cupboard(if they are on paper) or in some misplaced folder in my PC.
This is another variety of blogger's block where the culprit is not 'lack of ideas' but surfeit of them.

N.B: I have never been hit with a blogger's block(1st type) as such. if there has been a long dry spell without any blogging, it was only because I did not set myself to write or was too lazy/busy.


Simon Sunday, August 19, 2007 7:47:00 PM  

Hi Ravi, thanks for your comment on my Mad Young Thing blog. I also suffer from having too many ideas sometimes ... I'm finding it really helpful to read a book called Getting Things Done. Really helps to have somewhere to put those ideas...!

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