Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Khardung La pass: The Highest Motorable Road in the World

Each year numerous biking trips are organized during the months of August to October to the highest motorable roadways, the Khardung La pass at Ladakh. The urge has been brewing in me since an year now and I am bracing myself up for the trip next year. So by next year this time, I would post my experiences of riding on the 'Roof Top of the World', Ladakh. The reason I am publicly stating my intent to participate next year is that it will keep me motivated and pumped up to make it next year for sure.

So what is it about Khahrdung La pass that biker lovers world over find it irresistible?

  • The high of riding a bike up in the Great Himalayas is impossible to resist for any true bike enthusiast. Narrow roads with steep bends that takes you through dry silica ranges gardens and small mountain villages in a breathtaking environment its beyond what can be explained or showed in pictures.
  • The fact that Khardung La is the highest motorable road, makes it the Mecca for bikers, who think that this is one stretch they would love to drive before they die.
  • The altitude of Leh is quite a lot for the human body to handle. And the bikers would die for such a challenge and adrenaline kick.
When I read about the Himalayan Bike Tour the first time,it had the same effect on me and though I was pumped up, I wasn't prepared. I held a tight leash onto my fantasies and tamed myself to wait for another year. This is what the invitation to the Himalayan Bike tour read:

India on Bike Community is planning their next Himalayan Bike Tour to Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh region in the month of August, 2007. This time our route will be, ManaliKeylongJaspaSarchuLeh - Khardungla Pass (Highest motorable road in the World)- Pangong Tso (one of the most beautiful lake in the World)- Pang - Rohtang PassManali. Pangong Tso- Your life is worth zero if you miss out on these wonders of earth

We have our own camp at Sarchu as well as tie up with local service providers in Kashmir, Ladakh & Himachal Pradesh which not only brings down the cost but also helpfull in case of any contingency.
In the mean while, do let us know who all are interested for this once in a life time adventure. Feel free to ask or discuss any queries. See you all in August '07 with your bikes. In case if you don't have your own bike but still want to join this tour, no problems... we will help you to hire bikes from Delhi Tour Details : Duration : 09 Nights / 10 Days Starting Date : 11th August ‘07 Accommodation : Deluxe Hotels / Camps Meals : Multi- cuisine meals. Cost : Rs.15,000/- Per Person IMPORTANT : Limited seats, booking on first-cum first-basis. Detailed Itinerary will be given to only Confirmed Participants. Say "Himalayan Bike Tour" in the topic and drop mail with the following information at Your Name : Address : Email id : Contact No : Bike Make : *Conditions Apply Thanks & Regards, For, India on Bike

What kindled the little vagabond in me was the day I watched the movie, The Motorcycle Diaries directed by
Walter Salles and beautifully portrayed by Gael Garcia Bernal who plays the young and reckless Che Guevera. Che, finds his calling after he completes a motorcycle journey through the length and breadth of Latin America. Che went on to become one of the greatest revolutionaries of contemporary history.


Ishwardeep Singh Monday, October 15, 2007 7:49:00 AM  

Nice read that - actually I wanted to go for that trip with the Enfield club, but they were planning it in July and I had to be back int eh US in June so I couldn't do it. Hey btw, one of my friends went with Himalayan Bikers (I think!!) this year - Videh Ranjan - did you meet him?

Ravi Kumar Monday, October 15, 2007 8:29:00 AM  

Hey Ishwar,
Thanks fr dropping by and providing your comments. It was greatly appreciated. No I did not meet Videh Ranjan


maha Tuesday, October 23, 2007 3:23:00 AM  

Hi Ravi,

We did a trek in this region last year and the year before. During this, we met with 2 people (Damon and Pankaj are their names I think) who were doing some serious high altitude biking. Their website is I think. If not, you can easily google their names/ destinations and find it. Contact with them can be very helpful as you prepare. Have a great time - this is one of the most stunning regions of the world.

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