Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Roof Top Film Festival, Bangalore

When was the last time you enjoyed your movie and discussed at length about it with other audiences in the theatre. Naah! That's not how it happens with multiplexes. Well then, this time pull up your socks for an event, a platform where you would not just enjoy your movies, but give away your bouquets and brickbats straight at the spot along with other discerning audience.
Yes, the Roof-Top film Fest (RTFF) is a film festival born out exactly for this purpose where cinephiles get along together and dissect, fillet and fry each movie as they are rolled out on a platter. This is unlike any other film festivals, where protocols stay more formal. But here, things are going to be an unfestival wherein each member will bring along a new dimension to add to the experience.

The event is free( err... almost) with a condition. Each attendee has to be an active contributor to the event either in helping to organize the event, arranging logistics, lending equipments etc. Helping in spreading the word out though blogs, podcast would be great too.

So, see you all there.

Register yourself at : http://www.brtff.com/brtff3-september-2007


When: Sunday Sep 9, 2007

Where: 2nd Floor, Chung-Wah, No.152, 60 Feet Road, KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala, Next to Anand Sweets/GK Vale; Ph: 41607999, 41607888

Time: 3pm to 11pm

Sunday Sep 9, 2007


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