Sunday, September 23, 2007

A visit to the temple works wonders!

I occasionally get into a slump of boredom and drudgery. Nothing interests me then. There is no motivation to look forward the next day. Life looks drab and dull. I went into such a phase this weekend. I spent the whole weekend lazying and wasting time on my bed till Sunday evening. It was then, when I pushed myself out of my house. Putting on my pullover I walked to the nearby Ganesha temple on the other side of the RT Nagar road.

I only had to step into the temple premises. Rest was taken care of by the environs. Its amazing how a temple emanates the positive energies in its precinct and how it absorbs all negativities and rejuvinates you. The hymns and chants during the aarti, the scent of the agarbattis wafting in the air, all induce a magical spell to placate the most agitated mind. I havent yet found a music more soothing than the jangling of the brass temple bell. I am not too religious, but always believed in the sanctity and the mystic powers of a temple. Surrendering myself for some 20 minutes of calmness was enough to get me back to ebullience.
A visit to the nearby bookstore, Odyssey after that was just the icing for a near perfect evening.


Lakshmi Tuesday, June 02, 2009 10:59:00 PM  

Yes, sometimes the positive vibrations make you feel so much better

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