Thursday, December 06, 2007

'Angela' sends me 14.5 million British pounds deposit certificate and more pictures

14.5 million £ citibank deposit'Angela's' house that was set on fire
'Angela's dad's will'

Nothing can beat this. I mailed Angela that since I wanted to help her, I needed step by step clear instructions on how to go ahead. And she responds with her instructions and sends me a scanned copy her fathers 4.5 million British pounds certificate in Citibank. Not just that, the tone in her mails has become mushy and sentimental. I am flummoxed. Read her mail:
Before that, if you do not know who is Angela and would want to track the series of events from the beginning, read it in the following order :
  3. This one is third:)


My mail:

Hi Angela,

Sorry to have replied u late. I was out of my city in the weekend. I am willing to help you as much as I can. I consider it my duty to help someone in so much distress. All that I wanted to tell is that I am a little bit overwhelmed with that information that you provided. Can you just gimme step by step instructions that I need to follow next to help you out.
That will make my things easy.



Angela Responds
My dearest ravi, thak you for your words. in this prison most of the times we feel lonely and we use to discuss and share one another stories, one will ask you what brought you to this prison and you will tell her, after telling her your own story, she will also tell you her own story, when i was newly brought to this place i use to stay very quiet and there was a room mate who came and asked me what brought me to the prison and i told her and she told me that the problem that is in my case is because of the man that paralyzed, that if that one did not paralyze i will not be here and she consoled me and after that she started telling me her own reason why she is in this prison, here all fellow girls call me Angel instead of Angela, and every of them wants to be my friend, some call me lonely angel, because of the first week i came here i use to be very quiet and alone. and honey i am not photogenic, i am more beautiful in physical appearance than in photo, don't worry when we meet you will see that i am not photogenic.
Here i use to dream but most of the time when i wake up i use to forget the dream, but latter i use to remember the dream gradually if i concentrate. i like music and i like entertainment places, i like watching entertainers. and i like reading books.
what is most important to me now is my freedom. so after the bank transfer the money you will withdraw enough money from it and come to this Dakar to free me or send enough money that will be used for my freedom. with 2000£ i will be freed from here, because the freedom bribe money is 2000,000cfa (Dakar Money), my room mate who came here before me told me that the prison boss use to take bribe and release prisoners, she has stayed here for 4 years and some months, she told me that if the bribe is given that the prison boss will use some of the money to bribe the court judges and prosecutors to judge in my favor, she said that the prison boss will have the court call up my case and with the bribe given to the judges and prosecutors the case will be judged in my favor and i will win, that the opportunity that i have is that i am under awaiting trial and that as i said that 2000£ is nothing, that i will be out under 7 days that i give them the money. she said that that is the only way i can be freed, that if not i will be here for years or for life, she said that many have been released because they paid the 2000£. I have to stop here.
How to locate me in this prison is Address:
Ask for me : Angela Kennedy ( The Eritrean Girl)
Visiting hours: from 9.00am to 12.00pm every day.
Visiting days: WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS
To visit me, you must have to go to the high court to get a visiting card before they will allow you to see me at the post of this prison. i have attache my daddy's WILL Document in this letter so that you will know how to talk to the bank. I am writing more..
I remain yours ever,
Miss Angela Kennedywith all my love and kisses

My dearest ravi, concerning the step by step instructions, I have emailed the bank many times and explained to the bank that i am in Dakar central prison here in Senegal but the bank officer incharge keep replying me that because of the agreement that my daddy signed with Citi bank that the bank cannot deduct any money from my daddy's account to send to me except if i come to their bank in london, that i should appoint a foreign partner who will receive the money on my behalf because of the agreement that my daddy signed with their bank. The bank officer told me that they cannot change the bank laws because of me, that that is all.
You have to email a letter to the bank and tell them that i have appointed you to be my foreign partner and my financial and investment manager and you will ask them what are the information that they will need from you for them to transfer the money into your account for me for the purpose of the investment because that is the key thing they will need to hear or read from you. i will write a letter and send it to the bank and you should also write your own letter and send it to the bank. you have to address the letter:
Citi Bank Plc
Foreign Opearations Office.
Dr. D. WOOD ( Manager)
Address: 332 Oxford Street
London, WIC 1JF, England.
I have attache my daddy's bank certificate of account to this letter, please keep it safe and personal i also attached the picture of our house that was set on fire, and you should keep the document and all our information to yourself only. I want you to email and call the bank by yourself and talk to them
I am waiting for your reply
Miss Angela Kennedywith all my love


Sanzz Thursday, December 06, 2007 1:06:00 AM  

Hi Ravi, we all might have come across such fake (God only knows the truth)mails. I guess next the CitiBank, London officials will ask you to pay them a bribe of 2000GBP to let Angela's money come to your CitiBank account.

However, thats a wild guess and it may even happen that you fall (or she falls ) in Love with each other and stay happily married in India.. Ha Ha Ha...Keep me updated as to what happens next.

Anonymous,  Wednesday, June 18, 2008 11:45:00 PM  

She wrote me, that she is 19 and the history was different,and she has a brother.but the first name was the same. i ask her about this and she means that hacker has take her identity and make this.
but the underwrote and the way to talk is the same and the first name,angelina.

so take care, what ever it means or happens but look we have now 2008 and i found one other page with other histroys and other persons and her name was inside them too.

l g

Anonymous,  Thursday, June 19, 2008 2:14:00 AM  

and before i forget.. the mail
is the same mailadresse . she sends me too, this one and one other and she can't told that was a hackerthing.

take care

be blessed

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