Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ramblings of a fidgety mind

I engaged in yet another psychedelic bout of self talk today. As it happens many times, I was again in a phase of disturbed and distracted mind that continued throughout the weekend. These are the phases where I am most unproductive, lazy and useless. These are also dangerous times for me because it is during these times when I give in to wild impulses and whims.
I was feeling fidgety since Friday, calling up randomly to people in my contact list, wanting little to talk, yet rambling useless with them. And friends as always are polite enough to bear you. Some were genuinely happy. Some where wondering at this rare gesture from my side. Some were patient.

Saturday, I went on a date with an older woman. Yes a date. (I am very particular about picking the right words. Looking up for 'Date' in dictionary gave me this: an arrangement to meet somebody at a particular time). We had bumped into each other at a social networking site on entrepreneurship. She expressed that she had instantly taken to my blog and would love to meet me for coffee. Her credentials were equally alluring. A gold medalist in her masters, she had turned into entrepreneur by setting up her dream management college at Cochin. A counselor, trainer, and a psychologist, she was every reason to be added to my circle of friends. After a long engaging and stimulating(no pun intended) conversation, which covered most of the topics under the sun, we bid adieu. It took no time again to come back to my state. Got back to bed hoping some sleep would placate my agitated mind. But little did I succeed. After a fitful sleep, the next morning I pushed myself up to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore campus that was hosting Compute 2008 Headstart conference.

The only pulling factor was to attend workshops on :

  • Identifying and validating business opportunities: Srini Vudayagiri, Light Speed Ventures
  • Startup funding: Ganapathy Subramaniam Founder JumpStartupProduct
  • Startup funding and Culture in Startups : Ashwin Mahesh CEO Mapunity

Attending them reduced the weight of my conscience and i felt a lot better. A few minutes of meditation in the evening got me right back on track and I could pen down my thoughts here.


me am not),  Tuesday, January 29, 2008 10:10:00 AM  

Ravi,Do u think feeling fidgety would make a person unproductive? I doubt. Restless mind might make us think. What I feel the ramblings should be altered. Pre-focused wandering mind is absolutely fine . It can bring creativity. We all say cluttered mind can never be creative. Take the example of any innovations; I think they are all the results of wild imaginations, where the mind has wandered beyond the normal core. The mental chaos and resulted pandemonium for quenching the quest has paved way for all these innovations and creative ideas. We call it lateral thinking or out of the box thinking right? Hey Ravi, Look at the management thought: “Many people saw apple falling and only Newton asked “WHY”. It was not easy to get the answer. His fidgety mind would have rammed in and out; n number of mental somersaults would have happened…look at the result !!! The quest is essential I feel.

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