Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You have got a testimonial!

The other day I was busy reading a book humming to my own tune. I suddenly stopped and sensed that there is a tinge of cheerfulness in my mood. I groped for the reason. "India had not won a match today. It isn't a weekend either. Ah! Prakash wrote me a testimonial on my Orkut profile today", I got the reason. I smiled. I glowed for a brief moment with the thought. And then I got back to my reading.

Testimonials are words of appreciation and praise that your friends write for you. And there is no second feeling that can match when you read a good word about yourself from a friend. It gives a boost to your self worth and esteem. And since it stays in your profile, it acts as a stamp of approval of who you are for others who visit your profile. You flaunt it unabashedly and bask in its reflected glory.

Dale Carneige who wrote the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, wrote that after hunger and sex, the third most powerful need that humans have is the craving for appreciation. How true he was. And whoever incorporated testimonials in Orkut very well knew about it. And he is making the best use of that human frailty.

Ok. i m not getting a perfect way to end of this post. Its just a thought. i mentioned it. Bbye


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