Sunday, August 10, 2008

Google's ploy to kill Wikipedia?

Well by now, you would have already read “the news”. Knol goes public. Knol is the latest service from the Google’s stable that intends to provide authentic articles on any topic under the sun. You can read more about it on the net.

My purpose of this post is not to talk about Knol (since there more authentic resources on web for you to find), but to evaluate Google’s moves as a company. I am crazy about Google the company. I gorge on anything and everything that is talked about Google. I read both “The Google Story” and “The Search”. I also read “Google Power”, an e-book online.
When I read bout Knol two weeks ago, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “Wikipedia is dead”. And just as I had thought, I began finding news speak my mind, on how Knol would ring the death knell for Wikipedia. That’s what Google does to anyone on the Internet. It marauds anyone who stick their head out and make its presence felt. That’s the power Google wields. And they don’t look in any mood to concede even an iota of that.

It human psychology to glorify an upcoming winner. You heart goes out for someone who is making it big all by himself. But when the power and influence crosses all limits, you begin to hate the same entity whom you hailed at first. Google hasn’t yet drawn such vibes, but I think it is beginning to.
If Knol succeeds, Wikipedia would be just one of its many victims. The other victim I can think of is JustDial, a local listing company that provides you with contacts of product and service providers. I hailed JustDial for its immaculate service. But Google’s 411 service, is going to be a big threat to JustDial. Google’s translations service, are already taking away business from established Machine Translation business.


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Anonymous,  Sunday, August 10, 2008 8:58:00 PM  

Frankly, I wasn't aware of this particular thing from Google. Thanks for your blog!

I don't think that the Google knol will be a threat to wikipedia. After checking out, I tend to feel that wikipedia will still be looked as an "encyclopedia" on the Internet. Google knol seem to be a collection of articles. I think both should complement each other.

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