Friday, August 24, 2007

The Chicago Theater

Ask any culturally discerning person to pick two things that stands out about Chicago. Theatre and cuisine would be his first two choices. Well, I would let a food connoisseur to write about the cuisine, as for me, I would be happy writing about the a more vibrant cousin of the two, The Chicago Theater.

Chicago theatre holds a meaning which is more than just the theatre aspect of it. It encapsulates the movement that happened in the city when a number of small and meagerly funded companies grew into institution of repute worldwide. The evolution and the journey of Chicago theatre has been a subject of great interest and intrigue for historians and scholars. Many have dug deep into its origins and tried to study the implication of Chicago theatre for the future generations(read future theatre companies) throughout the country. Many historians believe that these theatres had and still have the potential to galvanize an entire community and affect change.

Today, Chicago theatre houses more than two hundred big and small theatre companies. Though each of them do not own theatre space, they are happy to enthral audiences at public spaces, bars or studios around Chicago. The most prominent of all theatres in Chicago, the cultural treasure that Chicago boasts of is The Second City. Found in 1959, the theatre has catapulted and gifted its audience some great creative artists in the form of Bill Murray, John Belushi, Gild Radner and many more. Second city is also known as the house of improvisation. Second City also acted as a catalyst for springing other small troupes like the Victory gardens and Steppenwolf. The Goodman Theatre is one such example that has for now existed for a number of years with a reputation as a house of directors. The Goodman Theatre is known as the house of directors, Steppenwolf theatre is known as the house of actors and Victory Gardens as the house of writers.

Chicago theatre also houses many ensemble based companies like Stage Left Theatre, Organic Theater Company and Lifeline Theatre. An ensemble based company is formed by a group of artists who work collaboratively and create a production.

Now lets talk about the actual Chicago Theater, the landmark theater (not to be confused to the movement Chicago Theater) that's located in the city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The theater is more popular because of its building, which was added to the national Register of Historic Places.

The theatre has a long survived culture of enthralling its audience with a plush environment and top notch service. This service was emulated in the theatres worldwide.


DJfossil Thursday, November 29, 2007 7:12:00 AM  

Very very ordinary. Something more about theatre perhaps, not just yourself...

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