Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dissecting Goa

This should look like a tag cloud. But it is not. As I had written before in my first post on Goa that I am reading Reflected in Water by Jerry Pinto, I am collecting keywords for anything of relative importance to Goa. Reason ? Well I am not very sure. But may be I do not want to forget them and want them to remain etched into my memory for as long as they would. Though my stint in Goa is for 4 days, I will try to explore them through these words. These words would act as references for my solitary tour to the mystic land, which though is a part of India yet is so un-Indian. It is a celebrated paradox in itself.

Sun----Sand----Surf----Portuguese----Konkani Folk songs----Bom Jesus----FrancisXavier----Goa'Liberation'1961----Fountainhas----
----Mangeshi Temple----Corredinho----Hippies----Flea Market---Feni---
Mapusa---Margao ----Vasco-Da-Gama---Ponda---Se Cathedral---Aguada Fort
----Cabo Fort----Terekhol (Tiracol) Fort----Tambdi Surla Temple ----
Goa trance

(To be added as and when I progress with the book)


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