Friday, November 30, 2007

Angela Replies With Pictures: This is interesting

Angela replies. And sent her pictures too. Continuing my previous post where I received a mail from a certain Angela, I followed it up with a reply giving her my details, fictitious though. And her reply again was prompt and so well made up. You would be glued to this humdinger of a plot as it unfolds. So here's my reply and her response to it.
From Me:

Hi Angela!

It is appalling to hear that a 21 year old gal should go through so much in life. My heartfelt condolences to you. I will feel grateful if I can be of any help to you. Here are my details:

(1) your name:? Ravi Malhotra
(2) your occupation:? Architect
(3) your phone number:9900569187
(4) your house address:? A-5, Domlur, CBI Colony, Bangalore
(5) Marital status : Single


From 'Angela'

My dearest ravi, i appreciate your concern, i got your informations that you sent to me, honey you can be of a great help to me.
I am worried to hear your voice. there is a prison warder her name is mrs. beatrice yalla, she is the prison messanger, she is the one who helped me talked to the prison computer operator to allow me use this computer, i did not tell her anything about my wealth, because i am very careful, she goes messages for any one who gives her transport money to go message, she is only friendly with one who gives her extra money to go message, i came into this prison with only 100$ note which i found in my daddy's document file in my bag after those robbers attacked me and stole the 390,200$ that i was travelling with. the time i discovered the 100$ i gave it to mrs. beatrice and she helped changed it to 40,000 cfa and i deposited it at the post, but under 10 days it finished and even to buy sanitary pad becomes a very big problem for me, i called mrs. beatrice and told her to help me give me even if it is 50$ worth of cfa so that i will deposit at the post but she told me that she is a mother of 5 that her salary is 50,000cfa which is a little above 100$, and that she manages to take care of the children with it, and she told me that among her 5 shildren that only 2 use to go to school and the other 3 does not go to school because of money problem, and she told me that the only thing that she can do for me is that she will help me receive anything from any of my relation or friend, and she gave me her information to give you. Honey, after citi bank transfer the money you must use her information to come to senegal and you will use it to send my freedom money before you will come and you will use it to get gambia visa. this is the information;

Mrs. Beatrice Yalla Malang
No. 38 mayo Avenue
Grand Yoff, Dakar, Senegal.
Mother beatrice also help me talk to one of the warders guard at the post to allow me use his telephone to receive your call and the guard agreed, the guard's name is sergent bongo, mother beatrice took me to the post and showed me to him for him to always come and call me to receive the call and sergent bongo gave mother beatrice the number and mother beatrice gave the number to me to send to you. the number is
My dear, I want you to help me come out from here and i want it to be done soon, and i don't want even a single person from your country or Eritrea to know that i am in this prison, so that they will not send food poison to me in this prison, please it is for my safety and peace of mind. i will like to let you know that what i want first from this life is peace of mind, since the death of my daddy i have not been peaceful within myself because i don't know who is who in my town Asmara, i mean that i don't know who is my family friends and family enemies because they also burnt my daddy's cars and set our house on fire and that made me not to have peace of mind and i will never return to Eritrea, Coming to the wishes for myself, the best wishes for me is for you to invest my wealth profitably, i mean you making a profitable investment of the money, and while you take care of the investment and management of my wealth, i will be schooling in one of the best universities in your country, also tell me your best wishes.
My problem is that Citi bank instructed me to appoint a foreign partner who will claim and receive the money on my behalf according to the agreement that my daddy signed with them. so i will write a letter to Citi bank and tell them that you are my foreign partner and the bank will surely transfer the money into your bank account for me, and from my money in your account you will buy your ticket and come to Dakar to use a token part of the money to release me and take me with you. my mind is strong because I know that through your bank Citi bank will give me your bank address and how to locate your bank address after the transfer and your bank already knows you, so i am very safe about how to locate you through your bank after Citi bank transfer the money into your account for me. And when i come to india you will take me to your bank where my money is and i will withdraw all the money and redeposit it in 4 current or savings accounts with 4 big banks in india and i will leave 10% of the 14.5m in your account for helping me. I have attach my photos to this letter, if possible send me your photo also.
Always inform me before taking any step and hence-forth always write me through this my email : because i mistakenly allowed the prison warder computer operator to see the password of my hotmail address. please take care.
I am waiting for your reply.
Miss Angela Kennedy with all my love


Seer,  Saturday, December 01, 2007 12:22:00 AM  

A nice way to unveal the truth... Spread more publicity if you can about this so that more people are aware of this. Good Work Dude

Anonymous,  Monday, March 17, 2008 4:04:00 PM  

this is fake dont fo throug this rai this is all fake i m also ur frnd indian i will help you to sort out this prob

Anonymous,  Monday, March 17, 2008 4:04:00 PM  

dont do throug this peeps that all are fake

Matt Wednesday, June 04, 2008 12:07:00 PM  


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