Saturday, November 24, 2007

When I Got My Second Life

At the propitious late hour of 23rd of November, 2007 I was gifted a second life. Here, this world will know me as Fuego Forzane. Now time for the world to take notice. Amen!


All the days of reading and researching culminated in me jumping into Second Life finally. I had attempted way back in February to register, but then my system requirements were not good enough. And today I was finally able to have the required set up and required time to take the plunge. In this blog, I attempt to account this exhilarating journey of mine in phases as and when I pass my days at Second Life. But yes, my first day at Second Life would remain pleasantly etched in my memory and would act as fodder for interesting tales to my grandchildren. I tell you, all the reading that you do about Second Life is ok, but its nothing in comparison to being there yourself with an avatar of your choice. The moment I got in, I squeaked like a kid, jumping all excited, desperate to share this excitement with someone. Meeting strange people, taking to them, befriending, arguing, exploring sights. No amount of words could express the adrenaline that was gushing in me.

(Someone who is already into Massively Multiplayer Online Role Player Games(MMORPG), would mock at my reaction. I agree i have never been exposed to MMORPG. So its an exciting new world for me)

So how did it all go, and how am I faring in this new world? How was my first day in my second life?

I went to where I was asked to register for free. I created a virtual id and then downloaded the required software that would be my client. No passport is necessary but you need a credit card of Paypal account to buy local currency.

I was told in the beginning that I would be taken to the Orientation Island, which as the name suggests is like a conditioning camp where you would get your bearings about this new life. It is here where you would learn how to talk to people, how to fly, wear clothes, attend events, drive cars and a host of other things.

The moment I was teleported to the Orientation Island, my eyes popped up looking at the breathtaking view around. I was in an island sorrounded by deep blue sea. I was being greeted with the sound of the waves from the sea. It looked all so real.
I kept walking, then started running too dazed to think about anything other than marvelling at this exquisite imaginary island. With green palms, verdant land, gushing winds, all looked so idyllic.

(Bird's eye view of orientation island)

Suddenly I find some movement. I realise they are some people here dressed smartly. I rush towards them curiously. Their names appeared hovering on their heads. The guys name was Travis Fegura. Holding a burning mantle, he was scampering for something. I introduced him and asked what was he was upto with the fire. He said he knew English so so. Then there was lady attractively dressed. But she didnt seem interested.
(First girl I met here)

Amidst all this I had failed to notice, to my utter embarrassment that I was wandering all over without clothes. Everyone else was clothed except me. But I did not know where to get them. I jostled for help.

(I couldn't find my clothes ;))

There was a gentleman who reluctantly heard what I had to say. "I need some clothes to wear. Can you tell me where to get them? I am new to Second Life?", was how I expressed my sorry state. "Didnt u get them before you got in?", asked the guy with concern. He mocked at me when I answered him at the negative. I kept approaching people without any luck. And then out of the blue a help screen popped up with options. And I found myself a list of options that if selected could equip me on my avatar. I chose a party wear and a new hairdo. I sighed a breathe of relief and went all over flaunting my new found attire. Suddenly I found people very approachable. It dint take me long to realise that it was my bday suite that was putting them off.

While mindlessly wandering through the roads and the buildings, admiring the island, I bumped into a live fashion show that was about to end. I later found that I could search for all the events that happen on a day and reach there at the stipulated time, if i wished to attend.

(Live fashion show I witnessed)

With all this rich experience and vivid imagery, i dozed off in my real world imagining the unimaginable possibilities Second Life can offer. Tomorrow I intend to visit my office, Sun Microsystems in Second World. I had written before in my post that Sun has a real estate in Second Life and dedicated engineers working on its product releases. Same is the case with host of other companies who have joined the bandwagon and sitting pretty.
I will soon get back to you with more updates. And more interesting to look forward to. I need to build a house, get a car, set up a business, ... I will soon share pics and news...

(What do u think about her..)
Bbye for now........

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