Saturday, February 23, 2008

Earn some money through your blog:PayPerPost

I never took the fact seriously that I could make money out of blogging. And even when I knew that this was true, I thought one had to compromise with the intent of writing a blog. When I was told by a friend of mine abut Payperpost, I was a bit sceptical initially. But later when I dabbled into it, I could see how beneficial it was. The best thing I liked about PPP was that there were all kinds of oppurtunities available to be picked up from. One needed to pick the oppurtunity that suited the taste of their blog. This would maintain the veracity of their blog. There are numerous blog marketing sites that have mushroomed all over, but I am yet to find sone that is authentic and transparent as payperpost. I also liked that payperpost has now reduced the eligilibilty for active bloggers to 30 days, thus lowering the entry barrier. As a result, more new members can benefit frm PPP.
The extra money that I earn from PPP has made me take blogging more seriously, without compromising the intent.
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