Saturday, July 11, 2009


Are you passionate about English language?; do certain magical web of words weave music to your ears?; do you often pause, admire, reflect, and relish such vivid orchestration of words you stumble upon?

Well, I do. I am not a poet, nor have I got the acumen to appreciate poems, but I drool over a well framed English construct--to an extent that I pick and write it down in my diary. I have been having this habit on and off since I was in my 12th class.

My old diary is littered with such nuggets of precious jewels. My most luxuriating moments are when I flip through the worn down pages of the diary, and absorb myself to the collections, sipping them like old wine..

Back then I didn't know how to categorize them. So, I named my collection as Sententionary; just as dictionary stands for treasure of words, Sententionary for me is a collection of English sentences.

So, those of you who share even an inkling of a similar passion, I am letting the treasure chest of my diary open.

It also serves good to those who are lazy to pick books and read, yet have the love for language. So, through this, you get you get your dosage of quality English usages in little bursts.

I will be tweeting them regularly through my twitter id. You can follow the tweets at :

I will append my tweets with: Sententionary.

Let me give you some teasers:

  • His integrity was as unyielding as granite.
  • She tried to pull her mouth into a proper expression of sympathy.


Shanti,  Saturday, July 11, 2009 1:26:00 PM  

Awesome. I can see what's coming. I can see whats coming. Open the treasure chest. Amen!

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