Friday, July 17, 2009

When Sex is everywhere!

I was 12 am, dead of night. I was reading through my daily subscription of dialy-writing-tips on the Internet; today it was on shibboleths. I was intently absorbing the lessons slowly scrolling down the page, when precisely at that moment, my attention was distracted by this barely clad model ogling overtly at me. Mind you, the site I was reading through had no tangential relation to porn with any stretch of imagination.(You may click the pic above if you want to investigate) What does it do to the libido of a young man at the dead of the night, who is trying to study?.(Ok, though this is not funny, you may laugh) Sex is being push marketed into my mind uninvited, unwarranted, brutally, scathingly.

I don't want to project a holier than thou image of myself, but whoever gave them the right to barge into my circle of influence at the most inopportune moment.

I know Internet is littered with porn and is a huge industry in itself. All efforts to curb this menace has gone futile.. But I thought it was humans who created Internet!

What I am concerned is that this phenomenon is brutal and stark. We have allowed ourselves to become slaves of technology. Today, it’s technology that is dictating our culture. It has taken us at ransom— and a costly one at that.

I fear of tomorrow. I fear of raising my children tomorrow.

I know the advocates of the doctrine of free will, the so called ‘libertarians’ would argue that culture historically has kept evolving; and no single country/community can claim to be a custodian of it. "And if this is the way it has to evolve, so be it.", they would say.

But my point is, are we evolving by choice, or technology is thrusting this evolution on us.

When nudity is distributed all over with gay abandon, the threshold acceptance of it comes down each passing day. I remember when I was way too little, a woman’s picture even with an inkling of cleavage shown, would lower down my eyes in shame. Now bikini clad figures are freely offered early morning at my door step as a supplementary to the morning newspapers. And children of today are being fed with this daily fodder; for them their threshold is already too low. Nothing seems offensive to them today.

My best friend in UK who is married, is scared to raise his kid there. He told me that “the culture there is really bad” and he wouldn’t want his kid to get exposed to that culture. He wanted to gift his children an Indian upbringing. I told him India today is no better—even if we are not as worse, we are reaching there very fast, and technology is helping us. We have allowed it to barge into our bedrooms even when our doors are safely locked; it is through our connected computer screens. It is too naive for us to say that Indian kids are protected. No one is. The world is indeed flattened. Internet has broken that barrier. Our culture is fast evolving.

I have had umpteen discussions with colleagues and friends and I sense that helplessness with everyone. I feel we are only meek spectators to our own fate. Our kids are growing too fast too soon.

Look at some of the young reality shows running on TV. The MTV fed pre-pubescent youth appear on TV, sporting ultra low waist hip hugging jeans. An entire nation of youngsters is hooked to watch them; aghastly there are fan clubs for these dumb witted youngsters, who find their lives ambitions fulfilled here. They are becoming role models of todays youth. They flash their individuality by projecting ‘liberal’ views on some ‘cool’ topics to discuss: one-night stands, live-in relationships, and homosexuality; when their own sexuality is still underdeveloped.

I have been out of school for 10 years now and didn’t know how the children of today talk and think. But I got a taste of truth, when I joined a part time mass comm college where many in my class were just intermediate. I observed them talk. Pretty looking girls have no qualms whatsoever in bitching each other while talking. Punctuating your sentences with expletives is considered cool and is fast catching up.

They say, man can live without food for a week; without hope, not even a second. I want to hope for an honorable future, a glorious one for my children. I hope it is not all that bad as it seems. And that hope will keep me sane enough to survive.

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