Friday, May 30, 2008

God is omnipresent. So is shahrukh khan....

A few months back I had blogged on Shahrukh khan. It's again him that has been the subject of intrigue to me lately. No matter how hard you try, you cant prevent yourself bumping into him. I see him on all news channels, talk shows, movie promos,TV commericals, bill boards, at IPL matches him cheering for his team, at film award ceremonies not just being a passive attendee but performing dance sequences(zee cine award at london), meeting other celebrities(He invited WWE wrestler Khali to his house). Hosting his own game shows(Paanchi paas) on TV. Its Shahrukh, Shahrukh everywhere. What puzzles me is how is it humanely possible to stretch oneself to such an extent. Does he carry a time machine that teleports him from one place to other, across continents. I sometimes wonder with amazement if it is him or has he cloned himself into multiple forms.
And at each of his appearances, he exudes the same charisma and vivaciousness. All this he manages without a tinge of frown or exertion on his face. Someone who is always under the media glare, projecting such eqanimity of mind (inspite of being so materialistic) defies all logic.
Also, with so much overexposure in media, there has never been a feeling that one has had enough of Shahrukh. He still belts out hits after hits. He is one fellow who can teach the experts at Harwards, a thing or two on the art of Brand Management.
I always thought when one is so overworked and ambitious, it takes a toll on the personal life, but he has been happily married for 20 years, a stark contrast to brittle relationships bollywood couples are fast dealing with. A proud father who never misses to attend parents meeting at the school, he is one superhuman at work.
He is one persona who is worth being picked as a subject for human physochology case study. Hats off Shahrukh.


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